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G & G Marine, For All Your Diving and Marine Needs

G & G Marine, a DEAN company, proudly provides quality commercial marine and diving services. For over forty-five years, G & G Marine’s highly trained team has been able to adapt and accommodate their client’s unique situations in extreme and high-risk underwater conditions to ensure the highest quality of work. We provide many maritime services to a variety of clientele ranging from government to private entities throughout the continental United States.

We work with our clients to evaluate their specific marine maintenance needs in order to develop a safety-conscious plan of action to produce excellent underwater results.

Our Marine Maintenance Capabilities

G & G Marine provides a broad range of technical capabilities and project experience. We work with many partners within the industry to provide our clients with marine and diving services as well as underwater pipeline repair. With our expertise, we will work closely with you on all of your marine and diving projects from structural certified inspections or repairs, ship husbandry, and underwater pipeline installation or repairs.

G & G Marine understands damaged piles under brides and docks can cause significant harm to industrial structures or personnel. Our team of FHWA-NHI Certified Underwater Bridge Inspectors and expert divers will come to your site and perform repairs with little loss of time on facility use. Utilizing pile encapsulation to protect piles from water and oxidation damage will effectively prevent future corrosion of your marine structure.

G & G Marine recognizes the importance of ship maintenance. When your ship begins to lose efficiency, our experts will respond in a timely manner to client emergencies. From underwater hull cleaning, propeller polishing, or damage repairs; we will provide the best quality of marine maintenance services to ensure your fleet is in tip-top shape.

A damaged underwater pipeline calls for a safe and timely plan of action. Our OQ Certified team has been provided with the best training to ensure the utmost quality and complete underwater pipeline repairs safely and efficiently.

When underwater emergencies strike G & G Marine is readily available for all your maritime services.

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