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Pipeline Pigging & In-Line Inspection

Updated: May 31, 2022

Maintaining the internal condition of your pipelines is crucial to their longevity and efficiency. Performing regular maintenance utilizing pipeline pigging can ensure your pipeline’s continued success.

What is Pipeline Pigging?

Pipeline pigging is the implementation of a Pipeline Inspection Gauge device, or “pig” for short, designed to perform pipeline maintenance. A “pig” is a bullet-shaped device that can be used for cleaning and maintenance, product movement, product separation, and inspections of the interior walls of the pipeline. Pigs are made using a variety of materials ranging from steel, foam, or custom to fit the needs of your project.

Process of Pigging & In-line Inspection

The process of pipeline pigging is done by inserting the pig into the interior of a pipeline using a pig launcher. A pig launcher is a device that launches the pig allowing it to move through the pipeline. Once the process is complete, a pig receiver is used to remove the pig without interfering with the flow of the pipe. To ensure there are no potential leaks or cracks in a pipe, regular in-line inspections should be performed. In-line inspections use a specialty pig called a “smart pig”. Smart pigs can be used in a pipeline to assess its current condition. As the smart pig moves throughout the pipeline, it can detect and remove any obstructions that could potentially damage or corrode the pipe.

Importance of Pipeline Pigging

With the internal condition being key to the life of any pipeline system, pigging operations are important to achieve the optimal flow and cleaning capability of these systems. Ensuring your pipeline is free from debris and obstructions allows a pipe to last. Continuous maintenance will ensure your pipeline will run as smoothly as possible and prevent costly complications in the future.

Dean has the equipment and experience to help you achieve your company growth and production goals. We have the capability to maintain a pipeline’s integrity in challenging areas with our highly trained personnel and job-specific equipment. Let the Dean Team assist your next pipeline project.

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