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With a new year falling upon us and the integrity of pipeline assets under increased scrutiny, proper pipeline maintenance has never been more important. Given the fact that pipeline care is vital to the health of your company, it is imperative to be proactive when faced with a damaged or obstructed pipe. So how can you effectively maintain the integrity and operation of your pipeline assets while maximizing your total efficiency? Below you will find a list of services offered by Dean to help you achieve your company goals. We offer a diversified fleet to complete these tasks efficiently and effectively to keep your assets operating at maximum capacity.


With internal condition playing a key role in the life of every pipeline system, pigging operations are essential to achieving optimal flow, as well as cleaning capability of these systems. When performing a pigging operation, your company should strive to seek operators with plenty of experience who can provide the personnel and experience to ensure that your systems are cleaned properly. Look for someone who knows how to launch and receive the pigs in proper condition when cleaning or verifying pipeline condition prior to an In-Line Inspection tool. Working with operators who have the ability to properly launch and receive inspection tools will ensure that the most accurate data and information is obtained from your inspection.


Once the results have been obtained from the In-Line Inspection, you will need to find the appropriate equipment and personnel to best serve the environment in which the pipeline is located. Whether operating in a marine environment, or making repairs on a land pipeline, the team must have the experience working in that specific type of environment to make the necessary repairs to keep your pipeline systems operating at maximum capacity, with minimal down time. If the need for repair should arise in a High Consequence area, you will need to use specialized equipment that has the ability to work in any type of condition. Try and find operators who, regardless of coating type, can provide personnel who are trained to handle the removal and disposal of various types of coatings. They should be able to successfully complete your repair projects, and do it in a wide variety of environmental conditions and diverse locations.


Cathodic protection is a technique used to control the corrosion of the surface of a pipeline. Whether you are interested in identifying possible corrosion repairs, or you have already verified cathodic protection issues, you will need to find someone to expose your pipeline systems and verify pipe condition. After verification is complete, the damaged area should be blasted and coated according to your company’s specifications to achieve the correct type of desired protection for your pipelines. Moving forward, it is a wise investment to have experienced operators install cathodic protection test stations. This will allow your company to record accurate measurements on your pipeline systems in the future.

At Dean, we strive to “Optimize Energy’s Infrastructure”. Our professional team of experienced operators are capable of performing your Pipeline Repair and Maintenance projects in various types of terrain and conditions. We have the joy of working with highly talented Project Management teams and Industry Qualified personnel who are proficient in performing a multitude of tasks associated with pipeline repair and maintenance. Dean is staffed to successfully complete all of your pipeline maintenance and repair projects to ensure the longevity of your assets for years to come.

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