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The PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System

The PETROSLEEVE® Pipeline Repair System, first formulated in the 1990s, is the result of many years of diverse and successful projects in pipeline integrity and construction completed by Petro-Line Upgrading Services Ltd.

The PETROSLEEVE® can repair a wide range of defects on any type of pipeline, such as natural gas, sour gas, crude oil, high vapor products, and refined products. It is the only permanent and non-intrusive pipeline repair system that can be installed in 1 hour without interrupting any operations. All clients in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Papua New Guinea who have used this product have saved millions of dollars on pipeline repairs on pipes ranging from 3″ to 48″ in diameter. The PETROSLEEVE® exceeds code requirements, and as of 2019, over 30,000 successful installations have been completed. This pipeline repair system comes with a complimentary EIP analysis and documentation software. This is a simple repair method that can be completed regardless of weather conditions or even user experience.

The PETROSLEEVE® successfully applies compressive forces to both the pipe and the defect with a simple two-step process. First, the sleeve’s compressive forces contain the expansion of the pipe under pressure. Second, the sleeve’s compressive forces place the repair area into compression for all operating ranges. Simply put, an installed PETROSLEEVE® maintains the pipeline in a compressive state, eliminating any possibility of defect failure. A PETROSLEEVE® installation:

  • Reinforces the pipeline defect area, essentially creating a heavy wall section

  • Ensures that defects, even Stress Concentrator defects, cannot grow

  • Overcomes pipeline expansion from pipeline operational forces

  • Prevents separation between the PETROSLEEVE® and the pipeline within all pipeline operating ranges - the pipe and PETROSLEEVE® move and act as a single unit

  • Transfers stress from the pipe to the PETROSLEEVE®

  • Confirms integrity of the repair through reporting, quality assurance and site validation

Dean is proud to be the US distributor for the PETROSLEEVE® Repair system. We have certified installers and practical applicators, in house, to handle all of your pipeline repair needs. Dean stocks PETROSLEEVE® Repair Sleeves, as well as installation kits for various pipeline sizes, and offers delivery across the U.S. As a value-added supplier of technical services, DEAN strives to provide our valued customers with specialized equipment, knowledgeable personnel, and solution driven processes and applications to safely alleviate the risks associated with pipeline assets.

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