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  • Ryan Crider

West Texas Environmental Remediation

Updated: Oct 25, 2021


An 8” high-pressure flex hose on the discharge side of the charge pump had separated from the 8” fiberglass injection pump inlet line. Which allowed the release of 7 barrels (bbls) of oil and 15 bbls of produced water with 5 bbls of oil and 10 bbls of produced water recovered. If left untreated hydrocarbon and produced water could potentially cause serious environmental degradation and contamination.


After maintenance had flex hose reinstalled to the pipeline. Dean was assigned to remediate the affected area caused by the Hydrocarbon and Produced Water release. Dean’s team of highly trained personnel conducted remediation activities by utilizing a backhoe and necessary hand tools to over excavate the release area in order to restore the environmental area. Then contaminated soils were excavated and stockpiled for proper restoration. Once the contaminated soils were excavated it was then mixed, and blended with the addition of gypsum in order to decrease its TPH and chloride concentrations. Confirmation samples were collected and submitted to the lab for TPH and Chloride analysis. After following requisite analytical data, the site was backfilled and brought back to preexisting grade.

Realized Benefits

By contacting Dean’s team of highly trained professionals this environmental remediation and restoration project was handled timely to ensure further environmental degradation was avoided.

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