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Dean offers professional, qualified, and experienced certified divers to perform various subsea and shallow water task. We take pride in offering underwater services ranging from bridge Inspection, boat hull cleaning, pipeline assessments, and repairs. Along with our divers, Dean also offers an entire marine fleet including tugs, barges, crew boats, air boats. We have the marine experience and availability to provide you access to you hard to reach locations.

  • Project oversight and execution

  • Pipeline and Facility construction in a marine environment, capable of inland waters and water depths up to 30 ft. depending on location.

  • Marine pipelines excavated, repaired, lowered, and placed at proper burial depths.

  • Erosion and restoration work- Concrete mats, bulkheads, etc.

  • Shallow and deep water caisson repairs (up to 20 ft. water depth)

  • Capable of repairs in the marine environment on up to 60” pipe.

  • Fabrication and installation of piggable valves and fittings

  • Blasting and coating

  • Diving Services

  • Cooling Tower inspection and repair

  • Ship Hull Cleaning

  • Bridge inspection and repair services

  • Pipeline assessments, inspections, and repairs

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