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Dean has the capability of installing pipelines up to 24" diameter, at, up to 20 miles across various terrains and challenging areas, from the marshes and swamp land of South LA., to the dry, rocky areas of West Texas. We have the necessary skills, manpower, and equipment to navigate the scheduling, management, and construction of your next pipeline construction project safely and efficiently.

  • All stages of project work from planning, procurement, scheduling, execution, and oversight

  • Assist Directional drilling

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • New Pipeline installation up to 24” and up to 20 miles depending in conditions.

  • Capable of project completion in waterways, marsh, rock, sandy, and dry environments

  • Currently working under active MSA’s with numerous major and independent pipeline operating and production companies.

  • Working relationships with various engineering firms for project design and scope

  • Demolition and removal

  • Pipeline abandonment and removal or pickling in place.

  • Mainline valve set fabrication and installation

  • ROW clearing and maintenance in a variety of environments

  • Launcher and receiver fabrication and installation

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