At Dean, our number one objective is the safe operations of all our people and equipment. We strive every day to meet the excellence that comes with being recognized as one of the nation’s top high consequence area contractors in the industry. To meet this objective, we focus on the elimination of unsafe work practices and conditions through prevention and correction.

SAFE LIVES MATTER. Dean emphasizes the responsibility of each employee for their own safety as well as the safety of everyone around them. These responsibilities are reinforced through Dean’s Policies, Procedures, trainings, operator qualifications, hazard hunts, tool box talks, JSA’s and behavior-based observations.


Dean sets the bar using our Accident al Iceberg Model

These incidents do not happen every day.

Is it Luck or working SAFE?
Above the water line companies are reactive to incidents.

Looking for a way to prevent reoccurrence, but ...

DEAN received the Golden Shovel

Safety Award by Kinder Morgan

Above the water line is what is typically seen
• Fatalities

• Lost Time Injuries

• Recordable Injuries

• First Aids

...below the water line
companies are proactive towards safety. These items contain an intrinsic value to safe or unsafe working. Below the water line is what is seen

• Systems and Procedures

(Risk Assessments / JSA, Permits)

• Proactive Safety (BASE)

• Policies

• At-Risk Behaviors, exposures and conditions. All of these items interact in producing either a high exposure to risk or mitigate risk.

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