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Dean provides high quality execution services for repair, maintenance, and integrity projects for a majority of major and independent pipeline operators in the Eastern and Southern U.S. We have the capability to perform our services in these challenging areas by means of highly trained personnel and job specific equipment. These services are performed by our team of experts to ensure all the assets we repair are running safely and efficiently.

  • Fabrication of launchers and receivers

  • Installation of launchers and receivers

  • Preliminary repairs identified by pigging tool prior to In line inspection. (restrictions, dents, fittings, valves)

  • Pipeline cleaning and drying to prepare for in line inspection.

  • Assistance in launching and receiving in line inspection tools.

  • Oversight on information provided by tool vendor for recommended repairs.

  • Tool tracking

  • Above ground marker placement (AGM)

  • Verification digs to validate tool accuracy

  • Blasting and coating

  • Asbestos Removal and Handling

  • Installation of various forms of composite and full encirclement sleeves.

  • Installation of company preferred mechanical clamps

  • Pipeline Isolation

  • Hot tapping and plugging

  • Pipeline repair and replacement

  • Various means to repairs pipeline within a safe dry enclosure up to 20ft. water (caisson, sheet piling, caisson box)

  • Hydrostatic testing

  • Investigation of low potential identified by Close interval survey

  • Test lead installation

  • Line lowering

  • ROW restoration, maintenance, and reclamation

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