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Dean specializes in providing cost effective remediation and restoration services within the marine environment and pipeline ROW’s of our customers. We strive to maintain the skillset and experience required to safely implement remediation solutions. We manage environmental cleanup and restoration projects ranging from Right of Way maintenance, Coastal restoration, Erosion control, and environment specific resolutions. We offer a variety of equipment to provide our customers with the most efficient means of restoring their areas to its original state. Our field personnel bring the expertise and knowledge to manage all types of remediation projects to solve a wide variety of environmental remediation needs.

  • Erosion control and repair

  • Bulkheads and sheet pilings installation

  • Marshland reclamation and rehabilitation

  • Platform, dock, and bulkhead construction (wood, concrete and steel)

  • Coastal zone remediation and restoration

  • 24/7 Emergency response capabilities

  • Levee installations and repairs

  • Concrete matting and aggregate installation for erosion and protection measures

  • Soil Sampling,excavation,and earthmoving

  • Crude oil removal from soil and chloride soil

  • Remediations

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • RRC,TCEQ,NMED,etc.

  •  Crude oil/Produce water release cleanup and remediation

  • Initial site assessments including delineation

  • Release incident assessments to meet necessary requirements

  • Preparing necessary correspondences related to the incident

  • Overseeing health and safety during the incident

  • Preparing oversight for cleanup and restoration

  • Solid/ liquid waste transport,disposal,and characterization

  • Regulatory agency interactions/negotiations

  • Preparing site closure documentation

  • Develop and implement plans to prevent potential releases

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