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DEAN Industry Technology | Vortex Heavy Equipment Simulator

Simulator adds machine operator safety, skill and competency training for excavators, cranes and other heavy equipment

Harvey, Louisiana (January 12, 2022) – DEAN Equipment, Inc. and subsidiaries and affiliates (“DEAN”), a leading infrastructure service provider, announced today that it has acquired a heavy equipment simulator to enrich its industry-leading safety and training programs.

According to DEAN’s Chief Executive Officer Troy Williams, “Adding the heavy equipment simulator enhances our ability to acquire, grow, train and retain talent in a safe and efficient manner. Workforce development is vital to the future of DEAN and the industry. We believe our cutting-edge training technology is a major step forward in addressing that need.”

With its detailed feedback and simulation of real-world challenges and environments, Vortex enables DEAN to not only train aspiring operators, but also vet new operators to ensure that its workforce is operating at the highest level of safety and efficiency.

About the Vortex Simulator

Vortex is the only simulator of its kind in Louisiana. Its real-time simulation and visualization software platform is based on gaming technology, and replicates the operation of nine different types of heavy equipment – including backhoes, excavators and cranes – for operators of all experience levels. Vortex’s training modules are tailored to each program, beginning with the most basic controls and working up to advanced tests of operational skills. Instructors can also add virtual variables including wind, rain and snow to customize training for safety in challenging environments. The Vortex Heavy Equipment Simulator’s grade-tracking functionality allows the instructor to immediately correct an operator’s actions and provide guidance, while grading reports display the operator’s safety performance, efficiency, and skill level to identify areas where additional training may be needed.

About DEAN

Founded in 1992, DEAN is a specialty infrastructure service company operating in high-consequence areas, serving major midstream pipeline operators in addition to dredging, governmental and quasi-governmental entities engaged in sediment control, waterway erosion and shoreline stabilization projects. The company rapidly deploys a well-positioned suite of specialized and proprietary equipment and knowledgeable, experienced personnel to site-specific areas throughout the US, alleviating project risks and achieving customer objectives. DEAN is focused on delivering safe, environmentally sound and cost-effective solutions for successful execution, timely flow assurance and maximum uptime. Learn more at

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