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Dean's Services for Pipeline or Coastal Repairs

Dean’s highly trained personnel is proud to provide high-quality execution services for repair, maintenance, and integrity projects. Our certified team supplies job-specific equipment; from an entire spread of marine vessels, barges, and divers, to excavators and dozers to best complete your pipeline repair project.

We understand that each project has its own specific criteria and each project calls for distinct repairs. Dean provides many services for pipeline or coastal repairs such as sheet pile enclosures, caisson box repairs, deepwater caisson repairs, and pipeline lifting.

Sheet pile enclosures

Sheet piles are sections of sheet material with interlocking edges that can be driven into the earth to provide support. In areas in which a caisson box is unable to access the pipeline repair site, due to foreign pipelines or drastic pipeline angles, a sheet pile enclosure is built. Sheet pile enclosures are used to provide a temporary barricade to then access the pipeline for repair.

Caisson box repairs

A caisson box is a structure designed to encompass your pipeline to provide a safe and dry area within the water or wet environments. The caisson box can be used for pipeline repairs by connecting to a pipeline, removing the water and allowing our crew to access the areas where pipeline repairs are needed. Dean’s team operates caisson boxes for repairs up to approx. 20’ of water or up to approx. 36’ for deepwater caisson box repairs.

Pipeline lifting

Pipeline lifting is used to repair large corroded sections of a pipeline. Our team will create a specialty-engineered lift plan to best fit your project’s criteria by first measuring the weight and dimensions of the faulty area to then, determine how much of the pipeline can be lifted to make repairs. Our highly trained personnel will utilize pipeline yokes to lift and better access the damaged area.

At Dean, we believe in one team, one mission. Rest assured, we will be with you every step of the way from consultation, and project execution, all the way to final project demobilization. Dean understands that each project has its unique job-specific criteria. Allow our team to work with you to create a project strategy catered to your pipeline repair needs.

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