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DEAN Permian Basin (West Texas) operations

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

DEAN expanded our construction & environmental services to the Permian Basin in 2016 and has experienced significant growth. Our three Permian Basin divisions consist of 1) Pipeline Repair, Construction, and Integrity Services, 2) Facilities, Stations, and Field Services & 3) Environmental Remediation & Restoration Services. With our three established divisions, we offer a wide range of services allowing our client's a single source for their construction and environmental requirements.

Pipeline Repair, Construction, and Integrity Services

DEAN originally cut our teeth in the pipeline repair industry in the marshlands of South Louisiana and has since expanded our footprint. Throughout the Permian Basin, we have been providing pipeline repair, maintenance, integrity, and new construction services on poly and steel pipelines ranging from 2'' up to 36’’ in size. DEAN possesses the knowledge and resources to execute your capital projects, maintenance needs, and integrity services. DEAN maintains a cost-competitive pricing structure with minimal staging and mobilization times due to a centralized location.

Facilities, Stations, and Field Services

To further support our client's needs in the Permian Basin, DEAN incorporated its Facility Services Department in 2016, embracing multiple styles of stations. Through this division, we have integrated a wide range of services allowing us to offer anything from maintenance repairs to complete turnkey capital projects. With our experienced crews and leadership team, DEAN has completed projects consisting of compressor stations, saltwater disposals, pump stations, and tank batteries. Our complete package service ensures a smooth transition to project completion and release to the customer. By managing the project from beginning to end, DEAN can forecast potential issues and institute solutions before the project ever steers off course. DEAN’s diversity in structure and process experience allows the company the ability to service its clients in multiple facets, thereby creating a trusted and dependable relationship between the two.

Environmental Remediation & Restoration Services

In 2018 DEAN ramped up its environmental remediation and restoration services to meet customer needs. With the experienced personnel, our team launched its Environmental Division to support the industry better. Since its origination, we have grown to offer turnkey environmental solutions, services, and ongoing assessment programs. Our capabilities include 24/7 emergency response, remediation, and restoration, technical reporting, and drafting of site documentation. Clients benefit from such a basket of services as West Texas activity has dramatically increased. With more wells being brought online, existing infrastructure must be maintained and even improved to accommodate more significant pressures and flow rates. DEAN stands ready to support its clients during this growth process with the ability to provide solutions on all levels associated with the environmental remediation and restoration side of the oil and gas industry.

Expanding to the Permian Basin initiated many opportunities for the DEAN organization allowing for continued opportunities to partner and provide the absolute best in solutions to our clients. DEAN’s three divisions focus on one primary goal, “Optimizing Energy’s Infrastructure.” With a concentration directed at eliminating emissions and earning acceptable profits, clients find support in DEAN to ensure the environment sees no negative impact while driving increased efficiency to realize the end results desired.

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