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  • Ryan Crider

Marshland Environmental Restoration

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


Hopedale, LA, and its surrounding bodies have been eroding at an accelerating pace. The loss of sediment through erosion into the Gulf of Mexico has left the lake exposed and at risk of disappearing completely. The marshes have been opened and are unable to retain the little freshwater they receive making the heavy introduction of saltwater an even more severe problem. Without a remedy such as a barrier restoration and installation,

the land and marshes will be washed out through tidal scouring and left unrecoverable.


Dean was assigned to remediate these current threats while also starting Lake Borgne on the path of recovery. Earthen Levees are being used to reinforce and protect the existing channel banks and patches of emergent vegetation. The added soil also creates terraces giving the marsh a place to grow and build its natural defenses. Where no soil can be found, steel sheet piling is being used to create a levee and foundation for sediment to build upon in the future. These new levees mitigate current erosion and saltwater flooding.

With this approach, the expert team at Dean has helped to slow the marsh’s decline and put the wetlands into a state of expansion and growth.

Realized Benefits

Dean’s team of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals, utilizing specialized

equipment, are frontline participants in this environmental restoration project. Dean's

involvement will ensure additional environmental degradation is prevented and the

wetlands are properly restored.

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