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Overcoming Environmental Challenges

Producers and Midstream Operators face numerous environmental challenges when responding to spill locations and areas of environmental impact. Many concerning geographical issues can arise when faced with such obstacles. Whether crude oil or produced water release, or regulatory agency interactions to implement plans to prevent potential releases, having an environmental consultant available to assist in the initial site assessment is imperative. Below, we will discuss a few environmental services which can help make this challenging process more seamless.

Initial Site Assessment

Once location has been identified and response activities have been initiated, initial site assessments including delineation and remediation plans should be set into place to ensure response activities and environmental services are completed on schedule and within the established work plan. Having a environmental services available to mainline these activities will be greatly beneficial in the overall success of the remediation. This will also help ensure that the area is properly managed and will have less of an impact to the affected environmental area. The environmental consultant will also have the ability to handle regulatory agency negotiations and interactions to ensure clean-up is being completed in the agreements of these governing bodies while using their recommended practices. During these times it is also important that health and safety of the people and environment is handled with the utmost importance.

Clean Up

Plans should be made to prepare for a clean-up of spilled material and the remediation that will follow, to ensure the location is returned to its original environmental state and is acceptable by all governing agencies. This can be a very timely process, as all materials will need to be captured and disposed of properly. Additionally, appropriate documentation will need to be prepared and completed to ensure proper handling and disposal of released environmental materials. Characterization is key in warranting that materials are classified correctly prior to any removal. In some cases, unique hazards are identified during a response. If this should happen, your environmental consultant should have the proper assessment tools to ensure the health and safety of all involved when these hazards arise.

Closure Documentation

Once the site is deemed complete and free of released materials, preparing site closure documentation is key to having a properly closed out release location. This will involve extensive regulatory compliance and interaction with your environmental consultant, as well as all regulatory agencies to ensure that any request for future testing or monitoring is handled properly now and in the upcoming years.

Here at Dean, we have the trained personnel and expertise to handle these activities to ensure 100% success when faced with such challenging times. We can assist with these activities from start to finish to ensure correct and proper handling of all identified environmental challenges and materials.

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